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The heavy lifting for having great artificial intelligence models is initially done with great data engineers. Unstructured data, such as sentences, pictures, video, is ubiquitous, the data people work with and understand - but can be tedious. How can you retrieve the value it holds within and concurrently not break the bank? Consultants at Superior Data Science LLC utilizes data engineering tools such as Pandas, Numpy, Python, Cloud Computing, MongoDB, MySQL, Hadoop and Spark. We will find a solution to your data problem, so that your team is not stuck with meticulous work and is able to focus on what's important.
Here at SDS, consultants understand the full life cycle of scaled engineering and consumer adaption. Data science is important yet only fits within this larger environment. Our data science stack begins with us viewing your app, databases, and development strategy securely. After understanding the cost value proposition of the architecture - a statistical ensemble utilizing scikit learn, mlLib and/or Tensorflow is suggested to you or can be advised by you. We prepare and present the model up to your governance and management via crafted demo, and pass an interactable, serialized, secure and inference file for your model registry. We carefully monitor the model performance during deployment, and work amicably with your dev ops team for full support within the production cycle. At the time of a new cycle - the SDS team will be prepared to suggest improvements.
When teams require stand alone systems, SDS is able to provide secure and real time microservices or dashboarding for your data analysis needs. Our stack consists of Angular, Material Dashboarding, D3, Flask Server, MongoDB, Numpy, Pandas, Tensorflow, Sklearn, mllib, Kubernetes and Docker. Each project is important and carefully planned. A statement of work is given to a client so that an equal awareness of project timeline, deliverables, milestones and available flexibilities are understood. We look forward to bringing your company value.

Are these Features for You?

  • Project Governance, Phases and Milestones with our Statement of Work
  • Full Service Consulting and Code Implementation for Executives
  • For IT Professionals and Leaders continuing the Data Science Methodology
  • Modeling customized to fit to your business data and cost value proposition

Machine Learning for the win!

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