Legacy Migration

by Isai Rojas

Posted on November 26, 2018 at 12:00 PM

SDS is a data analytics provider founded by data scientists and engineers for the purpose of applying modern information processing technology to Big Data in a variety of applications. There is currently over 2.7 zettabytes of growing oil data in the industry. This high rate of expansion leads to developing and established companies seeking updated data mining capabilities and data storage infrastructure.

What is Data Migration?

You can add an incredible amount of value into a project if you can manage and implement analysis reports across multiple systems. Without SDS data migration services, there are very few practical options some of which include analysis on test versions of the legacy systems, running them on the production version or a non adaptive test environment. Data will quickly be out of date and not synchronized across the separate systems when the analysis is done in test environments. During data cleansing, it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor the status of the cleansing efforts without access to the most current data. When analysis is conducted on the production version, your team will have to consider the cost of impacting the ongoing system processing and will have a small and limited window of what is feasible and implementation cost.

By choosing SDS Data Migration Services for Advance Analytics, you have full charge over the types of analysis that can be done and when it can be run. Your own Athena dashboard also allows you to ensure that the data from multiple legacy systems is all synchronized in one place. After you make the switch, your data will be secured with documentation and a user won’t be able to access that data unless they’re given privileges via a highly controlled process. In legacy systems when you add repeated databases and files, your security protocol is always at a compromise. With SDS Athena data management, data is always up to date and accessible to your company. The resources previously dedicated to the management of data can be redirected to core business needs. With Athena Advanced analytics, you can cut your overall costs. In contrast to maintaining multiple systems, the maintenance of a single, centralized server is far less costly, especially if your company operates in multiple locations.

Superior Data Science Data Migration Services?

Experience and industry studies have shown that data migration is risky, complex, and time-consuming IT projects your company can undertake. Not properly planning, managing, and executing by a professional organization with strengths in this area, data migration projects will quickly exceed budgets and negatively impact business performance without supporting the planned objective. While performing the migration, we initiate comprehensive testing to verify every portion of the data is effectively mapped. We assign top programming talent to the project, at all time, and we make sure that every case and every scenario is covered within the logic of the interface. Every data-migration process is unique, SDS will provide you with the finest experts with various skill sets required to complete the project, and we will use that knowledge to help your transition run smoothly. Because of this SDS is prepared with what to expect and where problems might arise. Superior data science factors everything well in advance so that all you see is a finished product with enormous efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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