Athena | Ai and Oil Visualization Dashboard

by Jobin Thomas

Posted on January 1, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Superior Data Science LLC (SDS) is a data analytics provider founded by data scientists and engineers for the purpose of applying modern information processing technology to Big Data in a variety of applications. There is currently over 2.7 zettabytes of growing oil data in the industry. This high rate of expansion leads to developing and established companies seeking updated data mining capabilities and data storage infrastructure.

Your Opportunities in known Industry challenges

Although understanding, leveraging and releasing insights from data and business information generated, is difficult, the process brings companies efficient decision making without internal employees slaving over the numbers. Furthermore this task includes the curse of dimensionality and might be classified as impossible. Advanced analytics include:

  • Efficient insights achievable include remaining competitive in the planning, exploration and forecasting stages.
  • According to data analytics gathered from artificial intelligence, the oil company will be able to maximize production with regard to maintenance and forecasting.
  • Reduce time to first oil/gas
  • Lower operating costs
  • Introduce multiple models improving productivity of assets across the entire lifecycle

Client Data is be stored during the SDS process in a segregated, encrypted, secure space and the results are available any time via a dashboard (Athena) customized for your particular needs. SDS’ scientists and engineers can start with just a few streams of data, at any point in your process, and add more streams and more analysis later. The entire process is scalable to meet your specific needs.

Definition of Big Data

The topic of big data has been well discussed in the recent years due to the explosion of growing data. Most industries are facing large collections of data and understand insights and value can be mined for efficient decisions. Big Data could be described using three Vs, known as Volume, Variety and Velocity. In this world, IBM has coined another dimension called Veracity while Oracle introduced the Value dimension. These data forms can exist in unstructured, structured or a combination of both formats. Particularly in the oil industry, one finds different data formats like magnetic flux signals, pipeline inspection guage signals, DLIS, LIS, SEGx, Videos, Docs, PDFs, XLS, CSV, graphics, OGP Px, XML, RDBMS, etc. Seismic, logs, surveying and real-time measurements data can form the big data examples. Knowledgeable data consultants are able to wrangle with both structured and unstructured data leading to analytics possibilities.

Benefits of dashboard

Making the right decisions in a high-risk field such as oil, could be a stressful experience. The right dashboard will revolutionize both success and enjoyment while maintaining a safe energy pipeline. A dashboard is not simply visuals. It reflects advanced analytics underneath and a constant watch, even if human eyes are not there. In addition, a dashboard provides total visibility into properties of the oil pipelines. Find out quickly what is working and what is not. Have results next to inputs without the manual programming or labor required. Individuals with visuals reflecting analytics, are able to place different inputs and results against timelines without any mental acrobatics. While viewing performance numerically requires some level of effort and programming, doing so quickly allows managers and employees to change their tactics immediately leading to better results. Furthermore, leaving stress to experienced big Data and AI consultants to develop your dashboard allows statistical analytics and machine learning injection, proper delegation and an independent eye. Once they understand the revenue and cost structure, development begins for a full-fledged application which has artificial intelligence, seeking higher profits and risk aversion for your company, in the years to come.

Imagine seeing trends and indicators in real time, and with these results being able to fine tune business decisions and operations for maximum profitability on any basis of measurement you choose. Over time the neural network becomes better and better at producing the analysis it provides, and gives your company competitive advantages.

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