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We build AI and Machine Learning solutions for your business

Building computer systems that learn & adapt without following explicit instructions by using algorithms & statistical models to analyze & reveal insights from patterns in data.

Predictive Analytics

Look into the future using past and current data. Get rid of assumptions and discover how your customers are really behaving.

Marketing Analysis

Teach systems to realize text and images as customers go through a check-out flow. Analyze customer behaviors and trends to make smart decisions.

Computer Vision

Analyze data from images or video to look for actionable alerts, find anomalies, or discover trends.

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Machine learning Automation Solutions

We develops custom-tailored machine learning automation solutions that help your business automate all of your essential business processes to improve decision-making, ensure security through foreseeing business risks, and promote enhanced operational agility and efficiency.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We design workflow automation solutions by integrating AI & machine learning with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies to automate repetitive manual tasks, along with an additional layer of human-like prediction and perception.

Marketing Automation

Integration of ML programs with CRM apps & marketing automation tools to help businesses break down market segmentation, optimize demand forecasting, qualify leads, and enhance content recommendations for specific marketing segments to attract more customers.

Financial Automation

We engineer & implement financial automation solutions using machine learning technologies to help financial professionals automate time-consuming/mundane processes, improve asset valuation quality, forecast financial performances, and so much more.

Healthcare Automation

We integrates machine learning into custom embedded apps to automate the medical image analysis process, enabling healthcare professionals to identify patterns in 2D & 3D images viewed via CT, OCT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasounds, and other medical scanning equipment.

Machine learning consulting: FAQ from clients

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At the discovery stage, we analyze your existing technology environment and take into account this information while conceptualizing the ML solution and defining its components. In case you want a fully-integrated solution, we can perform the necessary integrations, or otherwise we will pass all the necessary information and documentation to your in-house team.


We make sure your information is processed according to the industry’s best practices with role-based data access and careful 24/7 monitoring of user activity.



No, you don’t. Itransition can train ML models on local servers with the increased CPU power as a part of our service offering.


To handle the lack of data and meet set objectives, our ML experts help you set up the data generation, collection, and search processes.


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