Don’t have an unstable customer base! Just use a recommendation system

Don't have an unstable customer base! Just use a recommendation system

We are leaving in the era of technology. Simultaneously, Artificial Intelligence is taking over everything. Nowadays businesses are not so different from other technology industries. Like others, businesses are making their personalized computer systems for betterment. A recommendation system is one of those technologies that are often used in big companies nowadays. Improving customer engagement with recommender systems, the impact of recommendation systems in sales are the most use cases of a recommender engine. Recommendation engines are built with machine deep learning algorithms which can give an increase in sales. Also, unstable customer base issues can be easily solved by a recommendation system. In addition, if you want to add more customers for more engagements in your content or product you should use a recommender engine.

Before going through the prospects let’s have a look at what other established marketers have achieved in past years of their growth using recommendation systems.

  • In 1997, Netflix didn’t get the effective results they want to achieve. But in the year 2000, the customer count was nearly 300,000 which increased through the year. In 2002, the customer base was over 600,000 and crossed millions with the year passing. Netflix got huge traffic of 4.2 million at the starting of the year 2005. And now Netflix is getting billions of views every day.
  • In recent times, Amazon has 150.6 million active mobile users in the shopping app. From 1997 to 2020 Amazon’s sales increased by billions. A user who once comes to Amazon never goes back. For their Classic recommendation process, make people stick with them strongly.
  • Spotify confirmed more than 260 million subscribers and 140 million active users spread across 61 countries in July 2017. This was not like this before. In the year 2015, their customer count was less than 100 million. But now we can see, it stands over 300 million.

You can see how the recommendation algorithm helps them to gather their customers for a long time. You should use recommendations to new traffic for staying with your company’s content or product.

Why should you use a recommendation system? Will it help you reach your goals? These questions might be bothering you now. Here is why we are here to answer those important questions. First of all, If your customer or clients are the same numbers as the starting or growing slowly like a slowth. Neither increasing nor decreasing. Or increasing like 10-20. In this condition, a recommendation system comes into play. A recommendation system can recommend people who came once but never came back and make them a regular customer. When customers’ needs are up to the mark they will come again guaranteed. Specifically, if we answer your questions, the recommender algorithm can make your customer feel good for you and also can increase sales. And about the goals, a recommender AI can boost sales. And the impact of the recommender system on sales is in billions now.

Manually you can not recommend content or product effectively. But if you add a recommender algorithm to your system then you can recommend a minimum of 4000 items at a time to your targeted customer. Consequently, this can increase your sales and also gain more engagements from customers. Here you can add different types of recommender engines that suit your business most. You can add among collaborative, content-based, hybrid any of these.

Using AI to increase sales with the best algorithm that suits your business is important for increasing customer engagements numerically. If you get more engagements then you must get more revenue. A recommender system can be used in various businesses. Such as E-commerce, Retail, Banking, Telecom, Utilities. These kinds of industries can get more effective results using a recommender system.

In conclusion, every growing industry is facing customer engagement problems often. So, the solution could be a recommendation system which is basically an AI based algorithm. The addition of a recommender engine can boost your sales and also can increase revenue annually.

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Advantages of Machine Learning in Financial Forecasting

Using AI to robotize the monetary estimating measure presents a few remarkable advantages for senior money heads and their groups. The key advantages are summed up beneath.

1. Capacity to Produce More Accurate Forecasts, Faster

As referenced before, AI empowered estimating can free monetary gauging of the concentrated work of gathering and accommodating information. The apparatuses can be designed to gather and accommodate extremely enormous informational indexes in a mechanized style. In addition, AI apparatuses can assist with deciding business drivers and enormously diminish estimate blunder. AI calculations are intended to gain from the information after some time and foresee which drivers have the best effect on monetary execution. After some time, the model turns out to be more precise and produces figures all the more rapidly.

2. Hedge between best and worst case scenario

With accounting page driven gauging measures, there are cutoff points to the number of information sources and how much information can be processed and burned-through inside anticipating models. AI devices can significantly upgrade the volume and sorts of information that can be utilized on the grounds that the apparatuses can hold more information and process it quicker than people. Through this way we can have the better chance to hedge between the best and worst case scenario.

3. Empowering Value-Adding Activities

Customary estimating measures ordinarily expect examiners to invest the vast majority of their energy accommodating and gathering information as opposed to chipping away at esteem added investigation and collaborating with the business. Utilizing an AI answer for production at any rate a standard estimate can help investigators move away from these commonplace assignments and spotlight on understanding operational drivers, key business occasions, and microeconomic and macroeconomic elements that may affect the business, carrying those experiences into the determining cycle. Utilizing AI can eventually help monetary investigators accomplice all the more intimately with the business and backing dynamic.

The Emergence of AI in Accounting and Finance

There are sure businesses that are generally helpless to the effects of AI. The most referred to report from NPR predicts that:

  • Bookkeepers have a 97.6 percent possibility of seeing their positions computerized.
  • Accountants and examiners have a 93.5 percent possibility of seeing their positions mechanized.
  • Financial examiners have a 23.3 percent possibility of seeing their positions mechanized.

To summarize, occupations that are comprised of repeatable, precise errands have higher danger of being mechanized than those that require judgment, examination, and relationship building abilities. Thus, in the event that your present place of employment regularly expects you to show those attributes, at that point you need not concern. For Finance and Accounting, AI and robotization are viewed as suitable answers for successfully managing consistency and danger challenges across different areas. To stay serious, organizations are moving from work exchange and seaward unrest to mechanization insurgency. Man-made intelligence speaks to an occasion to decrease the weight on money experts, especially around conventional monetary exercises, for example, exchange handling, review and consistency. These exercises in their present structure keep money from being more essential colleagues.

In what way Might We Help You Improve Your Customer Service with an Advanced Platform?

  • Build ai platform for your team
  • Quick financial projections according to your double entries
  • Analysis Charts and plots
  • Resources to carry on this project
  • Superior Data Science builds reinforcement learning agent

Through our platform you will be able to get the forecasted financial statements including income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement. On these forecasts you can have the opportunity to decide and take actions and worst case scenario. Throught the forecasted data organization can take actions to create value for their investors.




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