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Hello! Welcome to Superior Data Science, a premier data science and AI consulting firm that started in 2016. From the beginning, we wanted our name to convey a clear picture about our expertise and services and one with which clients can easily resonate. We do more than just claim that our services are superior, we prove it using a collaborative framework with each client that produces outstanding results

If you ask what is our purpose, the answer is simple. We find fulfillment when we take part in the mission of our clients and help them benefit insights from their data utilizing the data science methodology. Our goal is to help others reach their goals. Data science and artificial intelligence are powerful tools that when used properly, can help businesses grow exponentially and maximize the overall ROI. If you know you need artificial intelligence, data engineering pipelines, data cleaning and data science, you have landed on the right website. Otherwise feel free to leave us a message and our team will be happy to recommend you to another site and team which has the solutions you're looking for.

A Few Things About Us:

Our team has been working on AI and data science consulting for over five years now. After a graduate degree in engineering where the specialization was in artificial intelligence and electrical engineering, different ai modeling techniques have been applied in the fields of neuroscience, advanced signal processing, POS retail, banking and aviation. Corporate clients have ranged from large fortune 500 companies such as Citigroup and Bell Helicopter to start ups which required nimble and tailored projects at a fast pace.


Our aim is to adapt to changing trends and market settings to keep you competitive. We cater, design, and combine useful factors in real-time. A deeper understanding of how the data affects the bottom line, customer satisfaction, interaction physics with other departments and industries all must be taken into account. While experience has taught this company, we are ready to upgrade our expertise and overall approach towards seasonal and evolutionary trends in your comapanies performance as we deliver artifical intelligence and big data engineering. We are a dynamic group of people striving to do better. The question is how will you use this delivery and service? If you know the answer to this question you are ready to implement artificial intelligence into your business.

Company Experience:

Convolutional Neural Network - Image Recognition Point of Sales Addition. Used a cnn for an image recognition task for efficiency in a heavy use environment. Led project + debugged tensor flow backend and [signature pad, Http requests] JavaScript frontend code on a milestone basis for client

Recurrent Neural Network - Stock Market Pattern Prediction. Tensorflow recurrent neural network that trained on real stock market candle objects for pattern prediction. Led project + debugged tensor flow backend and [crossfilter, d3, and angular] JavaScript frontend code on a milestone basis for client.

Deep Reinforcement learning stock predictor (reinforcement learning). Deep learning using a convolutional neural network based on the paper ‘Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement learning.’. Used Tensorflow for neural network layer construction. Training a Smart Cab to Drive (reinforcement learning). Trained a cab to drive in a city simulation - by manually coding the agent with q learning concepts - using object-oriented python. Reinforcement learning – Q learning, Markov Decision Processes, policies, game theory.

Customer segmentation (unsupervised learning). Used PCA analysis for dimension reduction and grouping. Sharpened logistical and statistical insight using matplotlib and pandas on the customer dataset.

Predicting Boston Housing Prices (supervised learning). Predicted Boston housing prices using past data to create a machine learning model using Python and NumPy databases. Decision Tree regressor, analysis of few decision tree models, analysis for over-fitting and under-fitting in the model, conducted statistical analysis.

We have worked on quantopian, developing profitable financial asset algorithms for clients. We're currently working on the kinks of fundamental sourcing data made available in the quantopian backend using websites like quandl. In addition implemented several clustering techniques with k means clustering. We have used these ML algorithms on both swing and day trading strategies.

Are these Features for You?

  • Project Governance, Phases and Milestones with our Statement of Work

  • Full Service Consulting and Code Implementation for Executives

  • For IT Professionals and Leaders continuing the Data Science Methodology

  • Modeling customized to fit to your business data and cost value proposition

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