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AI Platform Creation

AI platform creation is an area that stands out in the realm of technological advancement. Moreover, with the transition from TV to the internet, businesses worldwide now recognize the significance of AI. It is poised to revolutionize not only the financial industry but also various other sectors.

We build you a big ai data pipeline consisting of


Kubeflow is a free and open-source machine learning platform. It is specifically designed to enable the use of machine learning pipelines. These pipelines help orchestrate complicated workflows running on Kubernetes, allowing for tasks such as data processing, model training using TensorFlow or PyTorch, and seamless deployment to TensorFlow Serving.


Docker, a set of platform as a service (PaaS) products, offers OS-level virtualization to deliver software in containers. These containers are isolated entities that encapsulate their own software, libraries, and configuration files. Additionally, they can seamlessly communicate with each other via well-defined channels.


Pandas, a software library written for the Python programming language, excels in data manipulation and analysis. With a focus on numerical tables and time series, it offers comprehensive data structures and operations for efficient data processing.


NumPy, a powerful library for the Python programming language, provides valuable support for large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices. Moreover, it offers an extensive collection of high-level mathematical functions specifically designed to operate on these arrays.


TensorFlow, a versatile and open-source software library for machine learning, caters to a wide array of tasks. Notably, it specializes in the training and inference of deep neural networks, making it a preferred choice for various applications.


It includes classification, regression, and clustering algorithms such as support vector machines, random forests, and k-means. Additionally, it integrates well with NumPy and SciPy, the numerical and scientific libraries in Python.

5 different ways how AI has changed the money business are

Enhancing Risk Assessment through AI Platform Creation

Based on learning from past data, AI Platform Creation is poised to excel in Financial Services. With the industry's familiarity in accounting and records, AI can enhance creditworthiness assessment by utilizing data on repayment habits, active loans, and existing credit cards. This customization optimizes card interest rates, demonstrating AI's crucial role in financial decision-making.

Extortion Detection And Management

Every business aims to reduce risk, including financial institutions. When a bank provides credit, it involves using someone else's money, which is why interest is paid on deposits and returns on investments. This is why banks and financial institutions take fraud very seriously. Artificial intelligence, with its ability to analyze past spending patterns across transaction instruments, is highly effective in security and fraud detection.

Driving Finance Transformation through AI Platform Creation

PFM (Personal Financial Management) is an AI-based wallet innovation that helps consumers make intelligent money decisions. Developed by a San Francisco startup, Wallet utilizes AI algorithms to gather data and create spending charts. Although some may find it invasive, the concept of aggregating online data for financial insights has the potential to shape the future.

Transforming Financial Guidance with AI-based Platform Creation

According to the Pwc Report, the rise of robo-advisors is expected as financial institutions reduce investment fees. Machines handle unique tasks, while bionic advisory combines machine calculations and human intelligence. Collaboration is crucial, avoiding viewing machines as accessories or overconfident know-it-alls. The future of financial decision-making depends on finding a balance and acknowledging AI's importance alongside the human perspective.

Points of interest of Enabling AI Platform Creation in Banking and Finance Sector

01 Banking Automation and Insights

Leveraging AI Platform Creation for Continuous Profound Insights, Robotic Process Automation, Optical Character Recognition, and Intelligent Automation to enhance controls, quality, and scalability.

02 Enhancing Client Personalisation through AI Platform Creation

AI Platform Creation enables tailored communications, efficient online support, streamlined core operations, and effective client investment and promotion updates.

03 Transforming Risk and Finance Reporting with AI Platform Creation

Administrative reporting, credit risk modeling, and contract intelligence facilitate data-driven decision-making in investment banking and corporate restructuring, recovering complex patterns within the data.

04 Customer Engagement

Logic and pro-dynamic omni-channel engagement maintain important relationships, leveraging face-to-face connections and transforming client distress into positive experiences through real-time transaction notifications.

05 Digitisation

Accelerate your digital experience with an omni-channel enterprise-grade Conversational AI Finance-as-a-Service platform. Built for Financial Services, it enables quick deployment and scalability. Additionally, out-of-the-box use cases enhance customer acquisition, reduce customer service turnaround time, and drive customer engagement across various channels, including Whatsapp, Messaging, Smart IVR, Mobile applications, Web, VoiceBots, and IoT devices.

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